Clean energy for a cleaner future.

No matter who your electricity provider is, you can join over 4,600 Mainers to support local renewable energy projects. 





Maine Green Power participants get to support renewable energy generated right here in Maine, which also creates new jobs and strengthens our local economy.

Join your neighbors in making a difference by reducing your electricity-based carbon footprint. We provide local energy sources like solar, wind, geothermal, hydro, biomass and tidal power to help you support a clean future.

For an additional $8.95/Block on your monthly electric bill, you can enroll without a contract and cancel at any time. One block covers your apartment or small home and 2 blocks cover your medium to large sized home.

Maine Green Power is a voluntary program that provides Mainers with the option to support the growth of local renewable energy — creating local jobs, encouraging sustainable innovation and preserving our state's natural beauty.

For more information, visit our Maine Green Power website or get in touch at [email protected]
Privacy Policy

Your bill will reflect additional monthly amounts for Maine Green Power. You may cancel or change your participation without penalty at any time. Participation is month-to-month. There is no contract to participate. Disclaimer: If the weighted average price of Maine-located RECs is greater than $9.00/REC, then REC supply may be procured from NEPOOL-registered resources outside of Maine. If the weighted average price of program-eligible,NEPOOL-located RECs is greater than $9.00/REC, then, subject to MPUC approval, REC supply may be procured from any state that contains a portion of the PJM interconnect territory.

Maine Green Power  - Renewable Energy Choice for Mainers

Support Local Maine Renewable Energy Projects