Test your knowledge: How much do you know about Maine Green Power?

With so much information out there, it’s hard to tell what is true and what is false.  Maine Green Power has been around since 2012, helping Mainers easily support local renewable energy facilities and jobs while lowering their carbon footprint from their home or business’s electricity use. And we are here to help sort out the myths from the facts of green power.

Click on the following statements to find out what’s true and false about Maine Green Power.

TRUE OR FALSE: Maine Green Power ships our energy out of state.


FALSE: Renewable energy certificates (RECs) are purchased from already established renewable energy facilities in Maine on participant’s behalf which allows them to claim the environmental benefits associated with their purchase. The renewable energy produced from these facilities is delivered to the regional power system. Maine Green Power is not responsible for new transmission lines or transmission of electricity.

TRUE OR FALSE: Maine Green Power is funded by utility ratepayers.


FALSE: Maine Green Power is 100% funded by the voluntary program participants. These Mainers pay a little more on their electric bill each month to support renewable energy projects found right here in Maine.

TRUE OR FALSE: Maine Green Power also helps businesses meet their sustainability goals.


TRUE:  In addition to residential participants, Maine Green Power also allows businesses the opportunity to enroll in the program in order to achieve their green energy goals. To find out more about these commercial options, click here.

TRUE OR FALSE: Maine Green Power is a tax.


FALSE: Maine Green Power is not a tax. Participation in Maine Green Power’s renewable energy program is 100% optional and voluntary.

TRUE OR FALSE: Maine Green Power does not provide money to electricity companies.


TRUE: None of the money from Maine Green Power goes to either Central Maine Power or Versant Power.

TRUE OR FALSE: Maine Green Power is a new program.


FALSE: Maine Green Power was established in 2012 to meet demand for electricity customers who wanted a way to reduce their carbon footprint. The Maine Green Power community currently has over 4,000 participating Mainers.

TRUE OR FALSE: Maine Green Power only supports solar and wind.


FALSE: Maine Green Power supports various types of renewable energy projects across Maine like hydro, wind, tidal and biomass. Some projects are small and privately owned and others are sizable and owned by a company. The purchase of RECs from these projects guarantee our participants will be able to reduce their environmental impact from electricity use.

TRUE OR FALSE: Maine Green Power is the ONLY renewable energy program offered through a major utility in the state of Maine.


TRUE: Maine Green Power is available to both Central Maine Power AND Versant Power customers as a way for homeowners, renters and businesses to go above and beyond renewable energy standards required of their utilities.

Maine Green Power is a program for Mainers by Mainers. The program is sponsored and overseen by the Maine Public Utilities Commission and the utilities do not profit from the program.

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