FOR YOUR HOME - Maine Green Power
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Maine Green Power for Your Home

The average home in Maine uses 530 kWh of electricity per month — often generated by traditional fossil fuels that cause greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental pollutants. Let’s break this down: That’s roughly 300 pounds of pollution from electricity every month — equivalent to driving your car for 328 miles!

Thanks to Maine Green Power, 530 kWh of power can be generated with less pollution. Using low-emission renewable energy made in Maine, the program lets you match your home’s electricity use with clean energy — without contracts or installation hassles. When you enroll, you’ll pay a little more on your monthly electricity bill while you continue to receive your electricity without any interruption in service. And, you can cancel at any time without penalty. Easy, right?

Maine Green Power Benefits

Reduce your carbon footprint for electricity use

Support clean energy projects in Maine

Reduce our dependence on fossil fuels

Create local jobs in the green energy industry

Protect the natural beauty of our state

Participation Cost — By the Block

Maine Green Power offers options for different budgets and household electricity use. At just 1.8 cents extra per kilowatt-hour (kWh), you can choose to purchase renewable energy in 500 kWh blocks for a fixed cost of $8.95 per block each month, with a minimum purchase of a 250 kWh half block at $4.95 per month. Four blocks is the maximum purchase level for our residential customers.

1/2 250 kWh $4.95
1 500 kWh $8.95
2 1,000 kWh $17.90
3 1,500 kWh $26.85
4 2,000 kWh $35.80
Disclaimer: If the weighted average price of Maine-located RECs is greater than $6.50/REC, then REC supply may be procured from NEPOOL-registered resources outside of Maine. If the weighted average price of program- eligible, NEPOOL-located RECs is greater than $6.50/REC, then, subject to MPUC approval, REC supply may be procured from any state that contains a portion of the PJM interconnect territory.