Sterling Rope joins as a Leader in Maine Green Power community

In the early months of 2020 while the world was scrambling to adjust to a new way of life, Sterling Rope’s parent company, Vertical Supply Group (VSG), made the decision to get serious about sustainability by developing an Environmental and Social Governance (ESG) plan.

Since 1992, Sterling Rope has made some of the highest quality and innovative climbing and industrial ropes in the industry. For almost 30 years they have been deeply committed to not only the safety of their equipment but the impact it makes on the environment. From starting the first dynamic Rope Recycling Program in the country to selecting supply chain partners that prioritize minimal environmental impact, Sterling has ensured that sustainability is one of their top values.

This year, VSG and Sterling Rope achieved carbon neutrality by partnering with Arbor Day Foundation – but they didn’t stop there. For Sterling Rope, the next step in achieving their ESG goals included enrolling in Maine Green Power to match 75,000 kilowatt hours every month with renewable energy produced right here in Maine. Their enrollment at the Leader level in Maine Green Power allows them to reduce their carbon footprint by 75,521 pounds of CO2 per month, which is equivalent to 2,811,813 smartphones being charged.

Maine Green Power is proud to welcome Sterling Rope to our program and can’t wait to see how they continue to pursue their long-term sustainability goals.

4 Ways Maine Green Power Participants Made a Difference!

Climate change can feel like a big and overwhelming problem to take on, right? Can one person really make a difference? One thing we know at Maine Green Power is that when we work together, every individual action can lead to a big change.

For example, in 2019 over 4,100 Mainers chose to participate in Maine Green Power to lower their carbon footprint and support green energy in Maine. Their individual participation led to significant reductions in carbon emissions!

Here are four ways the collective power of Maine Green Power participants made a big difference last year.

Green the Grid
Participants made it possible to produce 26,454 megawatt-hours (MWh) of renewable energy in Maine! That’s over 30% more green power that was supported by participants in 2019 than in 2018. That much green power is equivalent to powering 4,160* Maine homes for a full year.

Reduce Carbon Emissions
Participants reduced 10,879 metric tons of harmful carbon dioxide equivalent entering the atmosphere! That’s like taking 1,526 cars off the road for a year or over 117,000 tree seedlings planted and allowed to grow for ten years.

Support Local Alternative Energy
Participants supported three Maine based renewable energy green power projects; Stetson Wind in Danforth, Otis Hydro in Livermore Falls, and Fog Hill Solar in Stockton Springs.

Create Community
They rallied together in South Portland to make the city a Green Power District! South Portland’s efforts alone reduce roughly 320,000 pounds of carbon emissions annually.

Maine Green Power participants are proof that one action can make a big difference. Thank you to our participants – including all the Maine business participants – for being a part of this growing change and for being a part of the Maine Green Power community. We are looking forward to what you can do in 2020.

*Based on the average Maine household electricity usage of 530 kilowatt-hours a month.

L.L.Bean’s Summer in the Park Goes Green

L.L.Bean and Maine Green Power announced a partnership today that will offset the electricity used at the annual Summer in the Park concert series with clean, renewable energy. In doing so, the event’s carbon footprint will be lowered by 3307 pounds of CO2, which is similar to planting 38.5 tree seedlings and growing them for 10 years. 1 “L.L.Bean is very excited to use Green-e Energy Certified renewable energy for our Summer Concert Series,” said Mac McKeever, spokesperson for L.L.Bean. “This is yet another facet of our commitment to preserving the environment and ensuring our great outdoor spaces are as pristine as possible.” More information about L.L.Bean’s commitment to the environment can be found here.

The partnership with L.L.Bean is a perfect match for Maine Green Power. “Few businesses are as closely linked to enjoying everything the outdoors has to offer…and conserving environmental resources for our collective enjoyment and economic growth is at the heart of the Maine Green Power program” says Hazel Onsrud, local manager of the program.

Maine Green Power is a voluntary program that gives Mainers a way to choose green energy for their homes and businesses. For more information on Maine Green Power please visit Find out more about the Summer in the Park Concert Series here.

Maine Green Power program lets customers choose renewable energy

This news article first appeared in The Bangor Daily News

AUGUSTA, Maine — This month, the Maine Public Utilities Commission, in partnership with 3Degrees, a leading renewable energy provider, is launching Maine Green Power, a statewide green power program available to customers of Central Maine Power, Bangor Hydro-Electric Co. and Maine Public Service Company.

The electricity offered to residents and businesses through Maine Green Power is matched by electricity generated by solar, hydro, wind, biomass or other renewable energy projects located in Maine. “Maine has abundant hydro, wind, biomass and other renewable energy resources,” said Commission Chairman Thomas Welch in a press release. “Maine Green Power enables our state’s residents and businesses to encourage further local development of these resources by choosing to power their homes and businesses with renewable energy generated in Maine.”

With this launch, the Maine Green Power program will allow participants served by the participating utilities to choose the amount of renewable energy they want to purchase in the form of 500 kilowatt-hour “blocks” — 500 kilowatt-hours represents approximately the average amount of electricity used by a Maine household in a month — at a cost of $7.50 per block per month in addition to the cost of electricity supply. Residential customers may purchase either one-half, one, two, three or four blocks of renewable energy per month. Commercial customers will be able to participate in Maine Green Power for $7.50 per 500 kilowatt-hour block. Customers signing up for Maine Green Power will continue to receive their electricity as they have in the past, with no interruption in their service or change in supplier. Customers interested in participating in Maine Green Power can learn more and enroll by visiting the program website.

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