L.L.Bean’s Summer in the Park Goes Green

L.L.Bean and Maine Green Power announced a partnership today that will offset the electricity used at the annual Summer in the Park concert series with clean, renewable energy. In doing so, the event’s carbon footprint will be lowered by 3307 pounds of CO2, which is similar to planting 38.5 tree seedlings and growing them for 10 years. 1 “L.L.Bean is very excited to use Green-e Energy Certified renewable energy for our Summer Concert Series,” said Mac McKeever, spokesperson for L.L.Bean. “This is yet another facet of our commitment to preserving the environment and ensuring our great outdoor spaces are as pristine as possible.” More information about L.L.Bean’s commitment to the environment can be found here.

The partnership with L.L.Bean is a perfect match for Maine Green Power. “Few businesses are as closely linked to enjoying everything the outdoors has to offer…and conserving environmental resources for our collective enjoyment and economic growth is at the heart of the Maine Green Power program” says Hazel Onsrud, local manager of the program.

Maine Green Power is a voluntary program that gives Mainers a way to choose green energy for their homes and businesses. For more information on Maine Green Power please visit MEgreenpower.com. Find out more about the Summer in the Park Concert Series here.

Maine Green Power